is the first and only educational project for breeders about kennel marketing in the world
While doing what he loves and dedicating himself to it, the breeder wants to be recognizable, demanded and most importantly, unique. This is possible if you create your own image of the kennel and take a completely different angle at the relationship between the breeder and the future owners.
The project idea is to show breeders a different way of development and promotion. We managed to combine seemingly incompatible concepts - marketing and breeders. Practice has shown - it's possible and it works!
We have already brought together passionate dog and cat breeders from around the world. In our program we teach breeder how to choose a strategy and get on the path of successful development.
Who our audience is?
Those who are open to everything new
wants to keep up with the times and learn more about new technologies. The gained knowledge will help you to look differently at your kennel and its value, no matter you`re a beginner or a reputable breeder with twenty years of experience.
Those whose goal is to gain an international recognition
Through the use of online promotion mechanisms you will open up new opportunities for the development of your kennel.
Those who value themselves and their time
want their pets to be appreciated by future owners. If you form the values of your kennel, build a systematic competent promotion, you will be able to choose the best owner for each of your pet.
Those who want to face the future with confidence
We are ready to look at a completely different angle on the relationship between the breeder and future owners. If you create and show the uniqueness of your kennel, you`ll develop your favorite business and enjoy the results of your work.
At the end of the "marketing for breeders" course you will form a brand of a breeder and your kennel
Develop an annual plan for the promotion of the kennel
Plan an efficient and economical kennel`s budget
Attract responsible and reliable owners and build a competent promo of puppies/kittens for show and breed classes
Develop an effective kennel`s website. Learn how to beneficially manage social networks of the kennel - facebook, instagram, pinterest, tik tok
Form a waiting list for future litters and set a reasonable price for puppies/kittens confidently, without fear of losing customers
Facts confirm that the "Marketing for breeders" course is relevant and will be useful for breeders
We analyzed:
1200 kennels
more than 50 breeds of dogs and cats
kennels of the CIS countries, Europe, USA
Statistics showed
only 5% of kennels had formulated positioning and other brand`s attributes that affect customers` perception
less than 10% of the leading breeders in europe, america and other countries systematically cope with online promotions
85% of kennels are engaged in chaotic advertising and direct sales
Deconstructing stereotypes:
Marketing and cynology are compatible
About the author of the course and its lecturer: Viktoria Borisova
"During my 15-year career in PR and marketing I've heard the same statement: 'You will never be able to mix marketing and dog trainings'.

However, thanks to that the idea was born and the unique project "Marketing for Breeders" was created. So, it was possible to combine two seemingly incompatible concepts - marketing and breeders.

To date, breeders from different countries of the CIS and Europe have successfully completed our online course and after a while we have formed a team aimed at further development of this project."
Our principles
Individual approach
to each breeder and his tasks for the development of the kennel.
We work with responsible breeders
whose breeding is based on a sincere love for the breed and is aimed at a long-term development path.
Ethics of communication
we do not discuss competitors and gossip, since all participants in the course group seek to create a constructive development and find individual solutions to their problems
A keen interest in your work
mindfulness and willingness to work hard - those qualities are necessary to start and successfully complete the course "Marketing for breeders"
Feedback from course participants
"The course "Marketing for breeders" is a unique project, which is not at all about trading.

This course is about relationships between owner and breeder, about understanding who you are and what is your goal as a breeder, about the correct presentation of your values, about being unique, having achievable goals and about a variety of other things!
Ann Dymytrova Kaihila
Kennel Maanhaar Primo-Creatus, Finland
"Discovery of the year – course "Marketing for breeders".
The course is very inspiring! It clarifies and structures the steps of the necessary kennel`s development, helps to determine the position at the market. It teaches you to understand how the buyer acts on his way to the product and how to use this knowledge. During lectures you can find your own voice and finally become unique."
Tatiana Karpenko
Kennel HakunaVota siberians, Ukraine
Therefore, for me the special value and uniqueness of the course is that the author of the project and its lecturer is a marketer and a breeder in one person. Double experience rolled into one. The training takes place in a convenient online format. It includes practical tasks and very valuable individual consultations. A library of webinar recordings and useful links is freely available.A great bonus is new acquaintances, a group of like-minded people, a positive atmosphere and mutual support.
Irina Bell
Kennel Russian Toy in Israel, Israel
The flow of useful information, secrets of promotion in social networks, homework and unlimited access to the course materials are very motivating for the further work of the kennel!
Svetlana Bogoslavets
Kennel MASKI SHOW, Russia
The "Marketing for breeders" course is a very modern, comprehensive and systematic approach to the formation and promotion of any business. The lecturer is very inspiring and motivates for a high result. Highly recommended!
Irina Miroshnik
Kennel Irislav Labradors, Ukraine
I love to study, but I often got disappointed - the balance between price and quality usually does not match. In this case, I can confidently say that "Marketing for breeders" has exceeded all my expectations! Victoria is a perfectionist and always does her best! She is a holder of real knowledge and a great motivator!
Svetlana Molchanova
Kennel A regola d'Arte Kennel, Kyrgyzstan
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